Pearl Tour Journey Abu Dhabi

Tour Description

Discover the unique beauty hidden in the pearl industry of Abu Dhabi and experience another facet of the city. Showing you the best experiences of the pearl industry, our pearl boat tour in Abu Dhabi will offer you an unforgettable boat touring experience worth a lifetime.

Experience a traditional welcome when you board and feel the Emirati hospitality and warmth. Get on a traditional pearl dhow boat sail along the scenic eastern mangrove enjoying the mangrove greenery against the calm waters of the lagoon. Witness how pearls are collected in the deep seas as you listen to the mind-blowing stories of pearl divers. You will be surprised by how much sweat and tears are there behind the shiny pearls you find in the market. Get excited to learn how to open a pearl oyster and see the pearls in the oyster as you are the one who gets to keep it.

Enjoy a traditional snack and refreshment as you enjoy your journey of pearl diving in Abu Dhabi. Our pearl tour in Abu Dhabi is an amazing cultural experience that will give you deep insight into the Emirati lifestyle while offering you an educational experience.

Plan your pearl boat tour in Abu Dhabi with us for the best price.

    Any where in Abu Dhabi city Hotels, Malls, Residence & Abu Dhabi port
    9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    • A Journey to astonishing Eastern Mangrove blue green water
    • A journey brief will be delivered by Emirati Guide
    • Sailing on a traditional dhow
    • Arabian welcome, hospitality and Traditional on board savory snacks (Fresh dates, black coffee with beverages will be served)
    • Exclusive panoramic views and Sceneries of the natural mangrove
    • A demonstration of how the pearl divers functioned on the dhow and how did they manage to spend time for over 4 months on the boat in the middle of the ocean.
    • Exciting moment of Oyster opening demonstration
    • Find a pearl inside the oyster. Yes you will keep it, it’s yours
  • Additional Information
    Minimum number of guests apply for tour confirmation